When you meditate do you focus purely on your breathing or are you trying to be aware of the present moment?

Maria C.
I switch between listening to the guided meditations, and silent meditation. Would that be breathing? Or focusing on present moment? I don’t know

Alexandra E.
I try to be aware of the present moment but the mind goes into the thought process, and than I should focus on breathing but sometimes I forget this and I remain in the thinking.

Yvonne F.
Kind of biased question. Through focusing on breathing one can enter state of full awareness. Last moment of inhaling, moment between breath in and breath out, moment without air etc. are all entry point into Now

Oscar S.
Whatever comes into your mind is whatever you are aware of. I follow transcendental meditation which advocates for simply letting go

Jack P.
I try to focus on the space that is between the breathing. In the beginning when I first started meditating I did. It was on only my breath, for taking it in and out how I felt when my lungs expanded and emptied. That was good however I wanted something deeper so I focused on what was happening between the breaths and it changes the whole feel of the meditation.

Constance A.
At first, my focus is solely on the breath to calm and center myself. I then move to the present moment to ground myself.

Marcelina S.
I’m letting go of all thoughts and if I get distracted I thank that thought and let it go. I try to connect myself to a higher source of energy while I’m rooting myself in the Earth.

Jonathan O.
To be honest with you, I have not started meditating till now it’s been over 2 days and I just keep on ignoring the notifications being sent over.
I really want to change my life over and follow a healthy routine…please help me out

Inaya Y.
Meditation is a practice in being present and aware, and we do that by letting go of distraction. Focusing on our breath is the perfect tool for that – it gives us an anchor to return to when we become distracted. And it helps remembering that focus really is the ability to not be distracted, and that it is a “muscle” to be worked on. With that said, focusing on our breath is the way to go – it familiarizes us with the present moment, setting us up for practicing awareness and letting go of distraction throughout the day. Best of luck!

Stephen B.
I try to focus on the physical feelings of my body. The way my lungs feel when I inhale and exhale. The feeling of my weight pressing into the floor or the chair I happen to sit on. So you could say that it is a combination of focusing on my breathing, as well as being present in the moment.

Javier F.
I like to be aware of the present moment.I try to figure out anything that may be bothering me and letting it go to put myself at ease