What time of the day do you meditate?

Luke W.
I have chosen it to do in afternoon as that is the time of the day when I am alone most of the time but sometimes I snooze it to do before sleeping as I get busy in afternoon and can't do it.
Reinhold G.
It works best in the morning, but as like today I missed out and just did it at 10:30 pm . And know what-it worked just fine for me. So do it whenever- but do it!
Lonnie R.
About 8:30am time- it helps my mind wake up and approach the day and it fills up my reserves for tricky conversations with clients. Also opens my mind up to new thoughts and ideas for the day
Isabella W.
In the morning, as soon as i get up is the best time for meditation . Sometimes i do it after bath before going to work. Rarely in the night
Arisberto S.
When I’m feeling most anxious. Sometimes first thing in the morning, sometimes mid day at work & sometimes right after work because my stress & anxiety is so elevated.
Bozena J.
I usually meditate first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. That way I never skip a day because I feel it is that important.
Zulmira O.
I usually meditate in the evenings when I return home from work. It helps me unwind after the days activities and focus more on my personal life.
Ma Line Y.
I meditate right before bed to help calm myself down, but I think if you were to meditate in the morning it’d get you into a good mood for the day.
Sheila Q.
I meditate anytime of the day. Mainly in the morning or evening however the circumstance comes up where I feel I need to meditate as a way to free myself from stress and simply just relax.
Allison J.
I meditate in the morning most often. It allows me to center and keeps me on the path towards true happiness. Conflicts and obsticals will always appear, but happiness does not need to be absent as we face them. Although mornings are what I prefer I am not afraid to meditate throughout the day into the evening if that is what I need.