How can I make myself to meditate every day? It a quiet and peaceful place one of the conditions?

Gaia T.
A quiet place is not needed. With the power of your mind, you could also meditate on public transport. How’s about that? You don’t have to cut of time from your busy routine and to-do-list but just use the transport time in a more intelligent way! I kinda do that if I know I won’t have time to meditate. Let me give u a tip: meditation is not a strict lesson or routine you have to follow. Meditating means thinking about your like, what you would like to achieve and what you’re proud of. It’s the time in which you thank everyone you’re grateful of. Meditating means realizing how lucky you are, right in the place you’re right now! Meditating means thinking and taking some time for yourself, exclusively for you, because you’re wonderful. Hope the tip was useful
Nicklas C.
Meditating isn’t about silence peacefulness or such things. It’s about being aware, 5 minutes a day is another all you have to do is sit comfortably, listen to the noises around maybe close your eyes if your comfortable enough. A good app to use is smiling mind, you can tailor it to your needs (like why you want to meditate) and from there you can practice each day. A good one to use is the body scan, it’s fantastic. Hope this helps.
Abigail G.
It is much easier to find a quirt peaceful place to meditate. If yiu cannot find one, headphones will do the trick. Although I have been known to meditate in my car in Walmart parking lot before.