How do you pick goals?

Vickie Q.
I use a pre formatted journal called the daily greatness journal which guides you through a review of the life areas you may want to balance. I use it to breakdown long term goals into four goals every 90 days and then weekly and daily habits actions I can do to move toward those
Avery B.
I meditate on what I am feeling in that moment and as soon as come out of it, I write it down immediately so I don't forget my feelings or why I want or desire to accomplish some things.
Villads W.
How I pick my goals is basically if I create short term goal like eatting healthier options with each meal, I will add a fruit or vegetable to each meal I eat that way long term I make that short term goal into a long term goal and then before I know it, it has become a permanent habit. Another short term goal I have done is not leave junk food laying around I put it away out of sight so I will put out fruits and vegetables around so when I see them I will eat them vs the junk food. Out of sight out of mind helps me.
Kelly J.
I try to have immediate and long range goals. Day habits I’m trying to learn are immediate goals for me. Tasks that help me achieve a long range goal are usually not in my A priority category. They tend to be B items. If I do t complete them in 3 days I bump them up to A. I choose thing that help me grow as a person and help me be a good wife and mom.
Chloe J.
I pick goals based off of my life experiences and my current therapy guided goals. I always balance my wants and my needs.
Gunar X.
I place tasks under either need to do or want to do and then I picture my ideal day. I focus on one from each category, preferably the ones that I'm most excited about that have the greatest impact.
Hermes P.
Whatever motivates you the most! For me I like to envision who I want to become, and that motivates me to set goals (small or big) to achieve that. You will intuitively know which area you want to work on to fulfill your goal(s) if you are clear about what you want in life.