Which position do you find works best when practicing meditation?

Lesi N.
When practicing mediation I normally am sitting straight up on the couch with my feet up or sitting upright in a chair. One day I’ll get to sitting legs crossed on the floor with my back straight.
Alaina N.
I have been practicing in a reclined position in my bedroom. I also have a meditation bench that works for when I am sitting up. I am looking into finding a space in my home to dedicate to mediation.
Russell Q.
Because I have a little bit of body/back pain and some restlessness, I first stretch my legs with a downward dog and count to 30. That clears my mind relaxes my body. Then I sit in cross legged but with my but on a yoga block or a chair if I need back support. It all depends on the day.
Boanerges Q.
Thank you so much for asking me this amazing question! What I find works best for me is. Sitting in a comfortable position on my bed and put my hands to my sides. But try to make it a position you can stay in for 10-30 minutes. Positions are a very hard thing because every person feels comfortable in a different way. Thank you so much Fabulous user for this amazing question.
Lilla G.
I like to lay down. I find sitting more distractive and it is harder for me to lose myself. While laying on my back helps me to emerge faster
Lauren N.
I often like to lay down flat on the floor or lay back in a chair or couch. Sometimes sitting upright on the floor can hurt my back and I end up focusing too much on the pain than the meditation. I know I should be sitting up to work on posture, but laying down helps ease my mind.
Ann J.
I either sit with a cushion behind me if I’m sitting on the couch to give me more back support, feet planted on the floor; or, I sit in the lotus position on the floor.