Sitting upright vs being comfortable – does it matter? I like the idea of working on posture but I find I get really uncomfortable (back & hips) if I try to sit up straight.

Bea O.
You can get or do a meditation bench that allows you to be kneeling without straining the legs (look for Taizé bench), it will make a straight posture easy and comfortable
Najee O.
Imagine a string at the crown of the head and when the body is straight it will release as much adrenaline as a shot of coffee. All in all its about being present not posture so enjoy life
Brock M.
The goal with meditation is to take your mind from those thoughts that rile you up. To slow the chatter in the back of your mind. With that, I think comfort is far more important than form. Whatever helps you relax the most. Why not do it as long as you can, but relax when it becomes too much! C: