Do you have a mantra?

Mackenzie F.
"I just exist" -to suggest that there is nothing I need to be doing, worrying about, except just existing in the moment and experiencing what is happening right now.

Nataliya F.
Yes. "Always there is a man* who are ready to help me!"
*it could be a bus drive, a shop assistant, a bank worker or so on…

Jonas N.
I guess I don’t really have a mantra, but I want to create one.

My mantra is Ram.

Because Ram is the best version of me, whenever I will face any obstacles, I know that I can always count on Ram guiding me through the difficulty.

Every time i face anger in the form of Frustration or annoyance, I will silently breathe in and start saying Ram… and breathe out to complete Ram…

Now I will practice saying Ram 10 times.