How to help myself meditate in the evening, when there is so much chaos around?

Cl Ment T.
I like to do a short yoga session to connect a bit more with myself. Maybe have a cup of tea and get ready. I try not to beat myself up if I get distracted. If the meditation I set out to do doesn't go over well then I pick another shorter one to end it off on. Even just a few minutes is helpful.

Tim O.
Just dime lights in the room, light up simple candle, lay down on the bed or in sofa, make yourself comfortable and relaxed, and breath deep and slowly.

Dante Q.
Meditation is not just sitting in one place and doing it, it can take a place outside walking meditation paying attention to how you walk weight balance….etc try it out.

Noah Z.
I set aside time after the kids in bed and before it's time to sleep. In fact I sleep better if I take the time to meditate in the evening

Pearl J.
Get away from the chaos. Go for a walk or take a bath. Find some solitude with some good music. Write in your journal.

Francis F.
I get into my bedroom or cabin, close the doors, get settled, and then start. I use another app called calm as they have a huge range and I like the guide. I try to block out all the sounds and pulls of people and animals needing me, and remind myself that it’s just 12 minutes, and I can attend to them after I do this.

Karl Y.
I save my meditation time for right before I go to sleep. It helps me unwind my mind and slip into calmness. More often than not, I meditate myself to sleep.

Brian J.
To meditate is not being perfect. Just leave the noise to come and go, accept it. Just do it, meditate and let the noise and thoughts to be in your life like clouds. You see them, but you ignore them l, you accept them. 🙂