What do you consider to be enlightenment?

Sophie X.
Enlightenment is a frame of mind where you can see everything clearly without being distracted by inner factors like emotions.

Danesha E.
What I consider to be Enlightenment is when I can breathe. I know that sounds weird but when I can breathe with out panicking or hyperventilating over something super small, I have gained what I needed to be successful. I’ve learned that it’s ok to not know all the answers and truthfully when I learned that I became more powerful in my every day life!

Cassie O.
The true understanding of who you are, what you are, and being fully aware of all of us, living life together, each with our own true selfs. Appreciating the beautiful gift we are given by having these bodies and this life to live.

Manuel T.
It's The understanding of how things are as well as ability to not have attachment to emotions or experiences. When I think of enlightenment, I think of Buddha and house he says we all can attain enlightenment and be able to see our passed lives and gain understanding of all that is.

Meg F.
Enlightenment to me means that you wake up everyday with a smile on your face, a spring in your step and excitement for starting the day. Then have everyday be that way. Fabulous will definitely help you achieve that just like it’s doing for me.