What are the guided meditations you find most helpful?

Diana T.
For me personally, I find the Your life on repeat, influencing your value system, and the wall to be very beneficial. However all of them works equally.

Marius C.
Well I'm using"simple habit " for guided meditation from experts across world . so I recommend you to install that app from. Your play store and enjoy guided meditation everyday just for 5min Atleast

Evelyn F.
I prefer ones that focus more on breathing or that are just silent, as apposed to ones that try to give you something to think about.

Jonas Q.
Headspace was one of my favorite apps for guided meditation. It’s a great way to learn how to meditate, what to focus on, so on. There are definitely more apps and so many different ways to meditate. 🙂

Mathew N.
I have listened to many different guided meditations and the ones I find helpful are men’s voices that are low tone and do not waver and speak smoothly. I find Zen type music and a low tone gong in back ground and/ or singing bowls. I also love the sound of slow flowing water when I meditate. Whatever the subject is a personal experience. By ambient background sounds like I mentioned above enhances the experience for me.

Floyd U.
Waking up app from Sam Harris. And 10% happier if you're a sceptic. Both are brilliant. They allowed me to greatly shorten the time I spend in distressing thoughts.

Leah N.
I prefer the meditations in the Headspace app over the ones in Fabulous. I feel the audio is better and the exercises are easier to get into.

Antero Z.
Ones that help me center myself in the world and help me live in the moment, appreciate that the present is the most valuable time we have, and encourage us to act with thought and care, without self punishment.