How long do you usually meditate and when?

Anne Z.
I meditate a lot like whenever I feel mad or sad or anxious or even good lol. I meditate when I brush my teeth sometimes I meditate when I drink tea just whoever I feel like it. I meditate usually for no less than 10 min. My attention span fades just a bit if I’m not really engaged in the meditation
Curtis T.
I usually meditate in the morning and in the middle of the day. In the morning for about 20 minutes. For my afternoon meditation it really depends with my mood and amount of free time but I find it helps me get through the work day with a better attitude and more focus.
Brittany F.
I usually meditate in the morning before I start my day so I know I'm starting it off in the right mindset. And also before bed so I can calm my mind and get a better sleep. I try to do at least 10 minutes. If I'm feeling especially anxious or stressed or on edge I usually slip in a 5 minute breathing meditation.
Yaquelin N.
I meditate for about 10 minutes or around that time. It helps to get to know your thoughts and let out the stress of the day. I usually meditate at night because there is more peace and I prefer going to rest at ease.
Klaus G Nter R.
I usually meditate in bed, or laying down. My room is my favorite place to meditate. I would like to have my own meditation room in the future, with it's sole purpose being a place to quiet my mind and rest. I also like to meditate while watering my plants and tending to my alter spaces around the house. Another form of meditation I like to do is chanting. Usually I meditate early in the and late at night before bed.