What is your meditation ritual? Do you have certain sounds, smells, locations you like?

Mikael O.
My meditation is to keep silence for about 5 minutes and trying to remember what happend in yesterday. After that make a plan to start a day.
Yashika F.
I meditate around 4 to 5 minutes in morning Angeles evening, in morning I do deep breathing meditation in which I take deep breath hold for 3 seconds and exhale. While in evening I memorize and speak lord shiva's mantra ऊँ for meditation
Math O Q.
Most of the time I will sit on my bed, but in a active position. Than I put on my medication video and just follow. On the end I say where I thankful for am and/or what I wanna do that day.
Pankaja S.
My meditation is facilitated by an app named Petit Bambou. It has several guided programs which is accessible for free. Once you follow those, you will gain a basic level of knowledge how to meditate mindfully. Once the sessions are completed, there are customisable sessions with relaxing music where you will be able to meditate and learn at the same time. Explore yourself and practice mindfulness. The learning never stops.
Josilene B.
I like meditating on my bed before sleeping. I close my eyes, relax my body and just breathe as deep as I can. Sometimes I use a relaxing playlist on Spotify. That makes me quiet and focused on meditating. I also have a stick of strawberry smell on my nightstand.
Irene T.
Since I've started meditating recently, I don't really have a ritual or something like that. I just meditate twice a day, 5 minutes each time, to get used to it and don't get bored. Whenever I feel like I'm ready to move forward I'll do it but at the moment I'm doing what I mentioned before as I'm naïve and I don't have a lot of info about the topic. (Sorry if something doesn't make sense, English isn't my first language).
Frank P.
I use my noise blocking headphones and typically listen to binaural beats, white noise, and other sounds to create a soundscape