What’s your method to focus on meditating?

Thadd Us W.
Making sure you are in a quiet place is essential. I find that if I’m not then I’m too aware of my surroundings and not able to fully relax.

Florence N.
Find a good app or a program online that you like the voice and the topics por each meditation. I personally like the ones with a purpose because they teach and make you reflect about your life. This gives you the start to set your mind free and focus on an important subject that’s beneficial for you, then you can continue concentrating on your breathing. Meditation gives your soal peace and make you feel tranquil. I use the 21 chopra challenges. They are great.

Celestine E.
I focus on my breathing when I meditate but most of the time I get distracted by other thoughts that come in my mind. I still face this challenge for distraction

Lillie P.
I am new practicing meditation so I try to concentrate to my breath and go back to it every time my mind wanders! Not so easy tho, I belive with the time it will get better 🙂

Storm W.
Vishen Lakhiani talks about the paradox that is meditation in his book “Code of the Extraordinary Mind” – it can feel impossible to shut our brains down and have that emptiness that gurus talk about. I like to think about it in a more practical sense – deliberate, guided thought. I typically use visualization and centering practices to get my mind in the right “zone” so to speak. A typical routine would be 1. Going from head to toe, body part by body part, and asking that muscle group to relax 2. Visualizing myself surrounded by light, and letting that light slowly expand to my room, house, neihborhood, city, state, etc then 3. Find 3 unique things I’m grateful for and 3 reasons why I love myself. Then I sit with that, sometimes, and sometimes that’s my whole meditation!

Alexa F.
I follow my breath. In and out. When I first started meditating many years ago I counted the breaths to ten, and then started again. If I lost my way and counted beyond 10. No harm no foul. I just started at one again.

I also use a timer.

Heinz Otto F.
I have a daily check list with things that I want to do and schedule it into my day! My day is literally planned from the moment I get up to the moment I go to sleep!

Chlo Z.
I meditate using my breath to focus on my third eye chakra when breathing in I breath in to that charkra when breathing out I breath out to my hands which are laying on my legs focusing on a triangle shape. Breathing in to my third eye the top of the triangle breathing out to my hands at the sides and to the base of the triangle.

D Riclo Q.
I follow the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and it has changed my life for the absolute better. Google Self realisation fellowship or read autobiography of a yogi if your interested 🙏😊🌠

Signe P.
I use you tube videos and headphones. I’ve also told my family that I started meditating, so they know that I need this time for myself. They are so loving and supportive, which helps me relax and focus on myself.

Hugh Z.
I had a hard time focusing tonight because of some upsetting news about taxes. When that worry came up, I just released it and turned my attention back on my breath. I had to do it several times; however, I didn’t let it stop me. I truly feel more relaxed about the situation now.

Arlene O.
I’m getting myself into a quiet place without any things that can disturb me. I try to avoid thoughts that surrounded me all day, but if they come during meditation I let them be. I just focus on myself and at the end I feel that I really can do this:)

Clara R.
Meditation is like lion taming. Thoughts will often take over. I try to acknowledge each thought as it pops up and then refocus on my breathing. Always be kind to yourself as you do this.

Wanderleya A.
I find closing my eyes helpful. If I try to keep them open, there are too many distractions for me as I am a visual person. I also avoid doing it right before bed, for obvious reasoning. Fatigue + closed eyes over a period of quiet time = sleep.

Ang Le E.
I like the use of a timer and then just focusing on my breath moving in and out of my body. If I’m really stressed, I use ocean waves or rain sounds on a phone app.

Jerry X.
Sit in silent place..
Close Ur eyes…
Take Dhyanmudra…
Use White noises or Nature music or Biurnal beats…
Concentrate on each n every beat…
Feel serene…

Julie C.
I picture a long stream of bubbles, and there I place any thoughts I have regarding anything other than meditation. All the bubbles, including the ones with the thoughts, are swept away and replaced with new, empty bubbles. It was hard to focus the first few times, but now it works like a charm.

Mathilde P.
I find it’s best to just notice my thoughts and let them go. It’s easier for me to refocus on the music than on my breath. I find it so relaxing to let go and be. It feels luxurious

Liesa Q.
To focus on breathe. Either by trying different breathing methods or just by counting 1 inhale and exhale for 2, inhale for 1 and exhale for 2 etc

Victoria P.
I did a Vedic meditation course a few years ago, so I always go back to using that method, no matter how long it’s been since my last meditation. I have a mantra which I use, I usually try and fit in at least one meditation per day – getting it in in the morning is easiest for me. Also, I understand that I can meditate in any situation, on the bus, the tube etc.

Lois C.
Focusing on meditation is easier for me now than it has been in the past. I am working on more productive ways to manage stress. With a major lifestyle and character change I don’t think I could do it without the mindfulness of meditation. This keeps me focused.

Judy X.
I don't force the focus on meditation while practicing; I just try to steer my attention towards not-thinking. The steering towards and trying to stop is an important distinction – you shouldn't force yourself to stop thinking, because not only it creates tension but also the intention to stop is the thought in itself.

Alice P.
I always do it in the morning before breakfast. When meditating, noting your thoughts and letting them go while focusing on the breath are helpful.

Katie O.
I focus on listening to the voiceover and reflecting on what's being said. Usually that helps to not open my eyes during the meditation session.

Maria U.
Counting breaths, paying attention to my breath, scanning my body and noting, then dismissing thoughts, physical sensations and feelings.

Darlene N.
Hi there. What I’ve learnt so far about meditation, is that you need to start small very small amounts of time. You also need to be comfortable but not too comfortable otherwise your fall asleep.

Once you’ve got comfortable in a seated position, set a timer. Focus on your breath, and know that you’re in good company when you find your mind shooting off all over the place. That’s just how we all are. With kindness, patience,

Tiffany O.
I use apps that have guided meditation exercises on them. By consistently practicing it becomes more familiar to me and easier to do

Raul C.
I do a body and then focus on my breath, not controlling it exactly, just following it. When I get distracted, I just note the distraction and come back to the breath.

Victor X.
I started meditation almost 2 years ago and I struggled in the beginning to understand how it works. However I can now feel myself more deeply and sense my feelings as well as my thoughts. I let them flow rather than trying to control them. This way I can go on living my moments efficiently.

Alfred G.
Lighting up some candles will help setting the right mood. Choose the right moment, one that feels nice and quiet. Don’t let your mind be distracted by noises. If you can’t stand silence, soft music works fine.

Mabel O.
I repeat several words while I'm meditating. I tell myself I am calm and I am relaxed. then I focus on different parts of my body. Usually I'll start with my feet and I'll focus on them until they're fully relaxed set my calves my size, all the way until I get to my face. most yoga classes will always start with the head but for me I feel that by the time I get to my feet my face is still tense. So by focusing on the rest of my body first my face tends to be and my neck as well, tends to be more relaxed. one of the other things I also do is let the thoughts come. If I start thinking about something I need to do on my to-do list for the day I just let it go and then I focus right back on either at the mantra or on the body part that I'm trying to relax.

Adrian F.
I try to meditate before bed, to help me fall asleep with more ease. I also find that by ending each day with meditation practice, it is easier for more to remember to do it, and to not let myself forget about making time for it in the middle of my busy day. When meditating, I focus on my breathing entirely, and I find this helps me to find clarity in my thoughts.

Nat P.
I like to imagine a stream of light going through the top of my head down through my spine. Every time I breathe in I imagine the light glows brighter, and when I breathe out the light dims. This helps me to focus on my breathing and posture.

Eva P.
The thing is you have many ideas running from one side to the other side of your brain. The trick is actually cutting the focus. Focus on the going ideas. When an idea passes just watch it but don’t dive in it. It’s a realization moment. But if you try to push yourself on focusing then you might loose your all attention on your breathe. You are not controlling, you are releasing without diving in your ideas. That’s the key. If you change your way of looking to meditation, you will start to make it automatically.