I still don’t understand how to meditate correct?..

Marie S.
I find that learning to meditate was easier when just focusing on my breath and gently getting my thoughts back to my breath when I notice they go wandering
C G.
It took me over a week to truly learn to meditate. I start out by sitting in the floor with both heals touching. (Playing soft music) then I start breathing…relaxing and thinking good thought. Being grateful…i did not realize it was working until I was able to do it before a coworker agitated me….stRted meditating and all was good.
Morris E.
There are tons of ways to meditate, and I deviate from what the app tells me to meditate on a lot. One of the more focus-y ways I like is breath counting, where you count seven breaths and repeat for several minutes (they should be normal breaths, not deep breaths), it's harder than it sounds! Another way I like is to simply be somewhere quiet, close my eyes, and space out, letting thoughts come and go without focusing on anything.
Tasfia V.
for me meditation is all about breathing in and breathing out. it's the easiest way to meditate. simply by calming your mind
Elizabeth P.
There isn’t really a correct way, because everyone’s mind is different. The idea is to focus on breathing in and out, but anytime your mind starts to wander, notice that it did that, and focus on the breath again. This can happen many times or a few times during a session, and each session will be different. It takes practice. For me I achieve a state that is somewhere between awake and asleep, super calm and relaxed. When I get really relaxed, it can be hard for me to come back to full awareness.
Nelson A.
Take time out to find a quiet spot where you are least likely to he disturbed. Get yourself comfortable and take long deep breaths and focus on nothing but that for a few minutes. Gradually increase the length of time you spend on this as tour discipline increases. Carry a pen and paper because you may get ideas. Jot them down so tou dont focus on them until you are done