How do you deal with chronic emotionnal pain like chest compression due to anxiety?

Isaiah O.
I don't think I've had chronic emotional pain, but I found working with a Grindberg Method practitioner very useful for stress and confidence issues. In brief, Grindberg Method works on the belief that our bodies carry out emotional pain as physical pain, and exploring the physical pain through touch and mindfulness can bring about emotional recognition and healing.

Louanne E.
Just you I'm more sensitive needless to say I have borderline personality disorder all you really can do is work with mental illness health medications that s what I have to do and I had to increase my zoft and my nonrotten medication as well. So give doctor a call

Armando A.
If you’re sure it’s anxiety I would suggest you try to focus on the sounds in your environment & not your breathing. Focusing on your breath if you suffer from anxiety or panic can make anxiety symptoms worst until you have some meditation experience.

Benjamin Z.
I have an anxiety problem too. I had trouble breathing when I had a panic attack. I thought I was suffocating, which made the anxiety worse, and made the suffocation feeling worse. Then I realized the suffocation feeling was all in my head and wasn't real. And after that realization, I haven't had the suffocation feeling in years.

Franklin U.
Try breathing exercises, use essential oils to calm you down, try talking to someone who cares about you to help shift your perspective, get 8h sleep, eat nuts and seeds

Arthur S.
first i like to drink some water and take a few long deep breaths to help me recollect my breathing. then after 10 minutes or so, i use an all natural homeopathic oil blend called “rescue remedy” and i put a few drops under my tongue. it works to calm anxiety very well. it can be found at whole foods, sprouts, trader joe’s, or on amazon. try massaging your chest while the rescue remedy is kicking in and breathe normally if possible. i’m wishing the best for you in your time of need. 💖

Edwin T.
Oh that’s difficult. There’s no way to completely eradicate this symptom, but it will be reduced in frequency if you can learn to reduce your anxiety. If you want relief during the compressions, I would recommend controlimg your breathing first and holding a comfort object. If you have any coping skills, use them. Name 5 things you can see in the room, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can feel, 2 things you can smell, and one thing you would like to taste. Try to practice releasing tense muscles to calm down your body.