Which type of meditation helps you to get energy?

Amelia C.
Guided meditation on whatever mood I am in. i I am feeling low in confidence, I select a guided meditation on confidence, etc.
Maria C.
Meditation in itself gives you overall energy, but one meditation as a single event is usually relaxing. You can try eagle meditation, where you meditate with your eyes open focusing on one point. Choose what you watch while meditating carefully, so that the point or object is immobile long enough.
Cl Ment Y.
I get a lot of energy from “open monitoring meditations” wherein the senses of the present moment are allowed to be explored thoroughly or even completely. Mindful meditation can be one of these but not all mindful meditations give me energy. In particular, there is one meditation in which you sit for meditation but keep you eyes open and find 5 things that catch your eye enough to paint it afterward, then close your eyes and go through 5 things for each of the remaining 4 senses. (For taste, you can see if each of the 5 tastes are detectable at all and which are the strongest at the moment. This tends to bring me peace but also stimulates me so that I feel like getting up after meditating instead of going to sleep! 😉
Given that there is no option for me to ask a question of other Fabulous users, I deduce this question came from Fabulous/Sphere staff and it is for my benefit that I answer these questions, as opposed to actually helping someone out who really wants input. You sneaky monkeys! We learn best when we teach, right? Clever. But distracting and now I can’t trust you and I will forever be second-guessing any efforts to pull me in to “help” with anything.
Kylie Z.
Walking meditation helps me get more energy, especially walking outside in a park or near nature and taking the n what I see around me
Julie W.
All meditation supports the accumulation of energy.
Meditation taps into the subtle bodies as well as the physical. If you need actual energy for working out then do the whim Hoff breathing technique. Ifyoujist have a quick second to mediate do the fabulous energy boost breathing module.
Melvin Z.
Body scanning to slow my mind down and able to concentrate. Identify areas of tension. Clear my mind so I can see what is affecting me
Storm F.
Movement meditation like walking meditation or tai chi. Including my body in the meditation helps me connect. Tai Chi and other such practice are specifically about working with energy. That helps me.
Hans Otto U.
A quiet night meditation is the best I've ever done in my live. Disconnect from any gadget. Small candle. And I will do it again tonight.
Tracy C.
For me, I like moving meditation. I’m not great at sitting still but I find that if I’m walking or running I can be completely in myself and leave my thoughts behind. I confess that I also have another app I love for static meditation- I use Lumosity and they have a great intro that demonstrates movement of breathe. Good luck! Tx