Is it better to meditate in the morning or at night?

Lucy T.
Meditation always helps us to control our mind. No matter you do it day or night. I think you need to do it two times per day. Meditating in mornings helps you focus on your plans and if you do it at night, you can abandon your thoughts and sleep better.
Valdemar W.
For me, morning meditations are more rational and goal directed and it is sometimes difficult to not think of work. Evening meditations are more open-ended and I am less inclined to try and control it, but there is more likelihood of falling asleep.
Ramona P.
The beauty of meditation is that ANY time is a good time to meditate! Meditating is a reset button on your stress, so you can use it to start your day on a blank slate, or you can use it to unwind before bed. I personally do the latter, but would like to start working in a morning session as well
Albrecht F.
It totally depends on your availability, both external and internal. Some people meditate before they responsibilities and work for them to wake up earlier than usual, maybe because they are early birds; some others are night owls and prefer meditate at night so they can sleep better; and some others meditate on public transport, during the day, etc.
What do I recommend you is to try any possibility, try all them and stay with the one you could feel it comfortable, or maybe more than one 😉
Nathan N.
I find it easier to find the time to meditate in the morning. Anyway, you don’t have to choose. You can use a purposeful meditation in your morning Routine and then spend a few minutes of your night ritual to unwind.
Nikolaj Z.
Depends on you. If you find it hard to start the day, then meditating in the morning will help you clear your mind and start. If you have trouble sleeping at night because of too many thoughts then mediating will help you relax before bed. I recommend doing both if you can.
Vanessa W.
It is upto you, you can do productive meditation in the morning to get your mind to focus and ready for work. Or you can do relaxation meditation in the evening to help you feel sleepy or relaxed after a stressful day. Doing it once or twice a day helps you centre yourself.
Dulc Nio A.
I personally do both a short session in the morning to get my mindset right to face the day then a longer session in the evening to relax me for a good nights sleep