How do you meditate on your own? I can only do guided meditations right now and I’d like to get to a point where I can just do it in my own, even if just for a few minutes/

Serenity F.
To venture into meditating with out a guide start by using a timer on your phone. Set the timer for five or six minutes. If you can change the sound of the alarm to something more soothing like a meditation bell. That way when you come out of your meditation you will be relaxed instead of alarmed. When you come out of your meditation remind yourself to keep your eyes closed for a few
Katrine E.
You can always do a guided meditation and then add on a few minutes by yourself at the end. Gradually, you could go from 20 min guided 5 min solo, then 15:10, then 10:20 and so on. However, as long as you’re meditating consistently, don’t fixated on one type being better than the other. Let it be what works for you!
Hilda Q.
I still mostly use guided meditation too. When I meditate without a “guide” I prefer to use a chime or other timer (available with many meditation apps) that periodically reminds me to be present.
So many times when the chime gently sounds, my mind has wandered off. It’s great practice.
I am trying to be more conscious during the day by checking in with my body and state of mind. Doing a quick scan for tight muscles and tension, and doing 5 deep in-breaths followed by slow exhalation and then focusing on my normal breathing. Really helps to do this during the day, and especially when I’m feeling tense or frustrated/aggravated. Hope this is helpful.
Ilda P.
I fold a pillow in half and sit on it so it tilts my pelvis forward. This makes it easier to sit up straight. I sit almost cross-legged but I do not cross my ankles. So one foot is in front of the other. This is so my legs don't fall asleep. I light a candle on the floor in front of me and turn off the lights. Sometimes I'll light incense. Then I turn off all notifications on my phone and set a timer for however long I think I can sit. Usually 15-30 minutes. I fold my hands in my lap and just sit up straight but not stiff. I focus on my breathing and if I get distracted by any thoughts or sounds I just come back to my breath. That's it! It takes practice but I find it very helpful! It's like a daily practice in being mindful and disciplined. Good luck!
Sol Ne S.
If you wanna do it on your own, you just gotta choose a nice, calm environment, make yourself comfortable. Then close your eyes and start bringing awarness to your body, feel your fingers, your toes, listen to your heartbeat. Then start breathing in and out, slowly, taking your time with every intake of breath. Try to focus on your breathing (i think that’s key). Notice if you start having lots of thoughts and pay attention to them. The very fact you’re acting as an observer of your thoughts, makes you detach from them. Choose something to focus on other than your breathing like the sounds on the street, the wind, anything that doesn’t require much elaboration. If you do that, with time you’ll surely succeed in meditating 🙂
Ivan N.
By frequently doing a guided meditation you really build a skill to carry you through a meditation on your own. You can guide yourself – or switch to a more visual practice, imagining places of great beauty and tranquility or simply being with your loved ones.
Est Nia Z.
What you have to do to get there is to progressively get more independent. You should set a timer for 5 minutes and then find a quiet place. There, close your eyes and focus on your breathing and how your body feels. Notice these things. If your mind starts to wander, notice it and slowly direct your attention back to your breath. Do this for the next 5 minutes every day. Once you think 5 minutes is not enough time, you can move on to 10 minutes a day. Hope this helps <3 🙂
Mitchell Z.
Try not timing yourself but just follow your breath and see how many breaths you can count. Check where your mind is between the in and out breath.
I do this when I visit the bathroom it is from the 10% happier app and is called 5 good breaths.
Alejandra S.
First, I start off by lightning incense. Then, I make myself comfortable, and put some soothing music on. I think about my day and things that are bothering me. Then, once I do that, I end up focusing on my body. I will start by focusing on my breathing, without changing my breathing In anyway. I move on by taking a deep breath and holding it for 5 seconds, then relaxing. I do this for a little while. Then I will move on to breathing in for 4 seconds then holding for 8, releasing for 4, hold for 8. Repeating this a couple times. I usually do these over and over for about an a half an hour.
Chester B.
Don't be too hard on yourself. Meditating, especially mindfulness meditation, teaches you to not judge but to accept. At the same time, moving to silent meditation on your own feels strange at first.
According to mindfulness monks, you can even start meditating on your own while walking. Just say to yourself "in" and inhale, then "out" as you exhale. Walking at the same time can give you a rhythm for your breathing.
Or settle in a comfortable chair and feel the comfort of the cushions or the chair. As you do so, you can count (shorter inhale, hold, exhale longer, hold a beat, start over. You are aware of the experience of melting into the chair.
Eventually, you won't need to say or think anything except just focusing on your breathing. Just be present. One minute is fine. This is not a competitive process. Feel your mind open up and your body's parasympathetic nervous system open up. It heals your body and brain.
Tracey P.
I take slow deep breaths before getting started to settle my body. ThenI find that meditation is about being present so when I meditate what helps me to become present is simply listening. I imagine only sense in control at the moment is my ability to listen. Then my other senses settle down. I settle in my body and feel my body and my surroundings more.
Javier U.
Meditation is a good thing as for me i love doing it by myself because then i know i will be more focused all it takes is a place where you can have peace and quiet and being calm enough to still your body down or you can play some soft sounds like rain ,waterfalls, waves from the Beach, or even animal sounds