What could you do better during your next meditation?

Alex S.
I could do fewer micro stretches. I need to acknowledge when I feel the urge to do a little stretch and just let it be instead of acting on it.

Harry P.
I think if I would say a positive statement, such as I am really a good person worthy of the wonderful family and life I have been given.

Kevin J.
I have two cats and I meditate in the morning. My white cat is skittish and it’s only in the morning that she likes to snuggle. I need to either find a way to incorporate giving her affection and meditating at the same time or finding a way to distract her.

Vicky U.
Set a designated time to meditate! For instance, meditation is set 10a! Once you've done that, you MUST try to maintain the time in order for it to stick! Especially when your trying to make it a habit!

Jon C.
Begin the meditation at a set time and place. Set out the block I sit on for better posture, or decide lying down is better option. Take a few deep breaths to anchor myself in the moment and space, in the here. Sit with eyes closed or eyes open. Set a timer for twenty minutes and maybe place soft ambient music, or use concentration to focus on my breath. Sit quietly, pay attention to my body, let the thoughts float by like leaves on the wind. Just sit and breathe.

Oscar Z.
I could sit with more purpose and sit twice per day. I know that works best for me with meditation but I am not there yet.

Monica W.
Let the thoughts float away. I'm out of practice so I have to be patient with myself as I return to my practice.

Phillip U.
Meditation can only be improved through practice. Start with a short time and only when you can focus for that time, then increase.

Ignacio Z.
Find a time that works when I am not rushed or interrupted.

Otniel N.
I could put myself in a better position physically. Today, I sat in a chair. I do better when I sit on the ground cross-legged or lying on my back. Sitting in a chair if too much like everything else and my thoughts slip away easier. I find that to be the most challenging part of mindfulness/meditation.

Sean U.
Clear my mind of all outside distractions by stopping day the day life to seep into my consciousness

Anthony U.
Keep a mantra or idea in mind to help you refocus when your mind wanders.

Clifford U.
I could sit through and accept my discomfort and boredom without shifting or quitting meditation. Discomfort is natural, and can be worked with.

Carl P.
Prepare for meditation. Spend a min to get your mind into it before it starts, repeat something like …. ok going into meditation … several times

Etin R.
I love my morning meditation. I always make time for it, even on days when I am short of time. It just gives my head time to get into a right headspace for the day. One thing that I know I have to consciously avoid, is being ashamed in front of my partner. He is a very reason- lead person and I always feel like I have to hide my meditation from him. There is absolutely no reason for that, he is always so supportive, but I just can't get over that. So the most struggle I have is to meditate over the weekends since he's home in the morning with me. But I know about the issue and I try to fix every time.