Do you find that when you’re already anxious, meditation can make this intensify somewhat? How do you get around this?

Theresa B.
I try to calm my body and then just give my thoughts and mediate time. Usually I can either find a mental resolution or figure out what steps I need to take to try resolve what is on my mind.
Darlene I.
When I am anxious and I try to meditate, it can be really hard to focus. What I do to avoid intensifying the anxiety is to focus on the importance of ones breath. Search up the importance of the breath and focus on that and show gratitude for it.
Jesse S.
I definitely don't think so. Perhaps, if you smoke cannabis before hand like I have in the past. However, I do feel like meditation does 'supress' being anxious or rather simply put, calm it down. I for one, can say that whenever I'm feeling anxious, meditation is the cure. I've proven to myself time and time again that mediation eases you out and almost 'clearifies' the energy field that one emits. All in all, don't take my word for it; do the due diligence required but again this is my personal opinion. Much and One Love.
Lieselotte U.
Yes, sometimes the best thing to do for my anxiety is the grounding method or talking through what I’m feeling/writing down my thoughts. Meditation works sometimes, it really depends on what is causing the anxiety.