How do you feel if you accidentally fall asleep during meditation? Do you try again later?

Gerberto Z.
It is ok to fall asleep during meditation, because it is all about caring about yourself and assertiveness, if my body wants to sleep than let it be
Nolan Q.
I feel guilty because I feel that I didn’t achieve my goal of meditating. However I use frequently a meditation to fall asleep.
Emma W.
If I accidentally fall asleep while meditating, I would feel good about it. Meditation is a skill that is developed with practice over time, and so it is expected that things will not go as intended every time, and that is okay.

Try to keep in mind that you did take the time to have a meditation session, and the session successfully relaxed your mind and body so much that you fell asleep, which are both good things.

If it is early enough in the day, I would try to meditate again later on. But if it is already evening, I would be happy with the session as is and go ahead and get ready for bed.

If you continue to fall asleep during meditation, I would recommend finding a different time of day for your session when you are more alert, and make sure to meditate seated, not laying down.

Congratulations on sticking to your meditation habit! I hope this is helpful for you!

Nuray J.
Falling asleep during meditation is one of the highest compliments you can offer your practice because it’s living proof that you experienced a deepened state of relaxation and you were able to release all thoughts from your mind, just letting go and being fully present in the moment. It’s a very positive thing, and nothing to worry about. Breath work often guides people’s bodies into an altered state of mind and deep relaxation. You’re doing it right, bravo!
Terry Z.
I have never fell asleep during meditation, but I have a friend who had fallen asleep. Maybe, you should first try with Simple Habit app and do mindfull meditation habits (walking/commuting) or 5 minutes meditation during your work break. You have that section in On the go section of Simple Habit app. And try later (after a month) Headspace app starting with Basic. Go for the shortes time if you have difficulty with concentrating on meditation (that includes falling asleep during meditation).
Lucas J.
I would say that it depends on how long you got to meditate before you fell asleep. If you got to meditate for about 10-15 minutes before sleeping, I would say that you did well and move on with your day. If you fell asleep in the first 10 minutes than I would suggest to get up, move, get a small snack, drink some water, and go again for just 10-15 min.
Grace U.
I find that it I sit up in a hard backed chair it helps stay awake. I still have the occasion when I fall asleep so I think of it as being something my body needed. I always set an alarm and start again the next day.
Th O Y.
If I fall asleep, that's what my body needed most. I don't try to "make it up". If it keeps happening, change your practice time.
Carl S.
Good thing it only happened to me I think not more than three times in more than a year I've been meditating. I just let it pass until my next meditation. It's good to let go of your mistakes easily and don't judge yourself.
Naja Z.
It depends on when I meditate. If it's right before bed, then I take one more deep breath and head to bed since that was part of my goal… To sleep better… If it's during the day. I meditate at a later time and make sure I'm hydrated in that moment.
Alison E.
I meditate quite often and it helps me to relax. I’m a very calm person. I usually always fall asleep when I meditate. That’s why I do it