Have you found meditation helpful when dealing with addiction?

Emily Z.
Absolutely. I'm currently struggling with my addiction a lot, having difficulty maintaining my sobriety. This week is the first time in my life I've been capable of actually meditating daily (along with drinking water and doing a gratitude list) and I am really genuinely feeling so much better throughout the days, even when I'm going through serious personal hardships.
I didnt think meditating would have an effect so quickly to be honest
Evandro E.
Not with addiction, but with anger and my bipolar yes. I may try to meditate my way into quitting smoking one day. But overall, it is helpful.
Horst Dieter C.
I'm not addicted to anything except maybe my phone. I do feel more relaxed and when I'm meditating I usually don't think about anything. I just focus on my breathing and let my mind drift of to happy places.