Does meditation need to be done the same time every day?

Sara T.
I don’t think so. Whenever you can have a 10-minutes break you can sit down and meditate. I think it helps a lot to deal with stress so do it when you feel stressful, at every time that you like. If you want an energetic start of the day you can do it first time in the morning. To unwind and relax in the evening, try it before sleeping and you’ll feel more rested.
Alexander E.
I have found that meditation is first and foremost a mindset. As humans our mental state tends to have a connection with time and place. For example, some people will never feel calm and relaxed in the dentist's waiting room. Or some may associate sitting in front of the TV after dinner as "end of the day, no more work" time and feel relaxed. If you find a situation when it is easy to meditate (either because of the timing or the way it makes you feel) then there is sense in trying to make use of that time and/or place consistently and cultivate a strong connection with it and your meditation practice.