Do you use sound when you meditate?

Courtney U.
I usually have a meditative sound playing but if I’m really feeling it I’ll sit in darkness and have Gregorian Chants playing.
Sara J.
I don't deliberately use sound but when I hear something while meditating I try to notice it without judging it and then I let the thought go and I come back to meditation
Marie Charlotte Z.
I use headspace and follow it, there is no background sound and I’m cool with it but I guess if I was in a busy place it might be useful to have a sound -it also depends on the type of meditation you’ll chose-
Juliana U.
Yes, I like starting my meditation with nature sounds and the meditation sound from the app. I like doing a silent meditation afterwards.
Barbara U.
Yes, I really prefer to have either a guided meditation or soft meditation music in the background. I'm very, very picky about which voice I choose when selecting guided meditations, as I am a voice coach. I find the music and/or voice help me disconnect and relax much faster than without. And music enhances my meditative state. But I have a friend who can meditate with or without sound. He amazes me.
Tasha Z.
I have to have at least some kind of noise, even if it's white noise. I don't often use music, though- just ambient or nature sounds.
Mane Q.
I actually have loved guided meditations. I find it easier to concentrate while I get better at it and start doing it with just relaxing music.
Elly O.
I always use some kind of sound while meditating. I put my earphones ons so that the distraction of other sounds is minimal. Most of the time I use a soft sound as background noice such as waves, the crackling of a fire or rain falling down. When concentrating is difficult I use a more complicated sound, sometimes some ambient music that I like.
Mallory J.
yes, i usually use sound when i meditate. i prefer guided meditations at the moment, but i still like hearing nature sounds, that's relaxing for me.
Renee T.
Most of the time yes. I live on a busy street with lots of traffic. I enjoy Hz frequencies for the vibrational energy. When I’m outside in a park or the beach, I enjoy the sounds of nature.
Mohamed R.
No. I use an app called headspace. It helped me understand meditation to begin with and helped me medidtate using prompts
Tanille T.
Sometimes yes. It is helpful if your mind is swirling. It can give your mind a focus, then ability to connect with the body better.