In what position do you meditate?

Vera R.
I usually meditate in the traditional cross legged position, but you can even meditate on the couch or lying down if that’s more comfortable for you
Roland J.
I prefer laying down. Meditation has transformed my sleep! It was so hard for me to fall asleep! Now I’m out before the app is finished
Alberto G.
I usually meditate at the end of my bed sitting upright. But I also meditate in cushions when they are available or the floor or carpet.
Sol Ne Q.
I’m usually sitting, but if I’m home I like to recline on the couch facing the window look and look out into the trees in the sky and I can focus on nothing but the colors.
Xander Z.
My favorite is Lotus. However, I meditate several times a day so sometimes I do so laying down or I might do a mindfulness meditation while doing something like Yoga or actively involved in Aromatherapy. But Lotus is where I practice Contemplative Prayer Meditation, my favorite.
Altino Q.
Sometimes I sit upright on the ground, the other times when I don’t feel like sitting, I just lie down on my back, totally relaxed and then meditate.
Louanne T.
Whatever position I feel like at that moment. Sometimes I sit on the couch or on the bed, sometimes on a cushion on the floor, and sometimes I just curl up in bed to meditate.
Sofie W.
That depends. My main goal is just to meditate. It doesn’t matter when or how. I usually meditate sitting cross legged on a pillow on the floor. But I also meditate laying down in bed, sitting in my office chair, or even outside on a walk. I do whatever I need to do to fit in my daily meditation.
Jorge I.
Hi there, it depends on the time of day. If I meditate in the morning right after waking up, I make sure to sit upright to ensure I don’t drift into sleep again. If I do a “Deep Sleep” guided meditation at night I lay on my back. Every other time in betweenI go based on how I’m feelings. There are times I’d rather be laying down and others I like to sit upright against a wall. Go with how you feel. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to meditate 😊
Corey P.
I usually lie down because I like to feel my weight is evenly distributed. Sometimes I lie with lots of pillows behind me, 1/2 sitting up, but this tends to put pressure on my lower back.
V Tor F.
I tend to sit in a chair tho I prefer the couch or the lazy boy because I'm able to relax more. I used to do the floor and sit cross legged but as i grow old I get stiff. I need to work on my flexibility and fitness so I can get back on the floor. Being on the floor makes me feel more in tune and like I'm doing a better job of meditation.