How do you deal with boredom?

Adail C.
I’m never really bored. I’m engaged in my work and in my family life. I meditate, so if I’m doing an activity where I think “this is boring”, then I get present and ask myself if I need to continue. If I do, then I slow down and try to appreciate the action itself (e.g. doing the dishes, filling out the expense report, etc.). If I don’t need to continue, I stop. If I regularly have to do boring work, then I start planning to do other work. The key is to remember your agency, every moment of every day, to decide what you want to do next.

Vickie Q.
Make a list of the goal you want to accomplish and then do one.


Look for inspiration on Google for the things you want in your life and live as if that was you in the picture. What would you do if you had a private jet. What type of job or what type of lifestyle do you have? Ect.

Pratice Visualizing small things like an orange. This will help you with achieve your goals and instill faith in yourself. Then gradually visualize things you really want.

Start a gratitude list out of the blue or just ramble on what you are grateful for.


Do a tada list of the things you have successful accomplish.
Big or small.
Even having a better mindset now than in the past.

Lastly it is good to get bored. That's just another way to observe and be self aware that you want to do something and stop yourself from doing nothing.

Yet, sometimes" nothing" is a good thing that lets you relax.

-Have fun

Anita E.
I read books I always wanted to read and left out for later, and draw.
But you could find any other hobby. Try something new~

Benjamin G.
1. Thinking about my current goal and organizing according to it removes boredom. 2. Yoga / jogging/ walking / dancing . 3. Reading good books, cooking, painting even cleaning and decluttering also help. 4. Hot beverages.