Do you listen to sounds like yoga, meditation voice or an other kind of silence music/sound?

Mariana P.
Yes. I listen to yoga classes online, I listen to meditation voice 5/10 minutes every day and listen to calm/meditation sound and music to help me sleep.
Macie X.
On occasion when my children are being too loud or hyperactive we will put on calming music or nature sounds in order to create a baseline of peace in the household. I dont often do this when I am alone however.
Kunal X.
Yes, I listen to it to do meditation and body scans. The sound of music helps me to tune myself to get align for meditation.
Johan E.
Yes because that type of music soothes and calms my my best. Then my body becomes relaxed. I feel better and have clarity
Kelly U.
I like to turn everything off and listen to the sounds around my house. I hear the ticking of a clock, the birds outside and my indoor pets either snoring or cleaning their fur.
Cheryl A.
I have a sound conditioner so if im studying i listen to rain falling or waves at the beach. If im setting off to sleep i listen to nature sounds like birds its also my alarm for waking up.
William L.
Yes I like the yoga music
Every morning I do an 18 mins body scan with my recording with Dr Helen Ma
Every other day I do an hour Hather Yoga
Ann W.
Yes. I take them as a guide to get me through the exercise or meditation. Since I'm just a starter, every session feels like it's taking longer so the sounds help me get back to what I'm doing.