What part of the day do you find meditating most helpful?

Grace J.
I’m still figuring this one out, but when I mediate in the morning, I feel energised and ready for my day. When I meditate at night, I sleep like a log.
Right now, I’m doing yoga for 10-15 minutes when I wake up, then meditating after breakfast. If I have monkey brain when I go to bed, I do a guided bedtime meditation or listen to a sleep story.
It’s only been a week or so, but it seems to be working out 🙂

Krin O.
I think at night after you brush your teeth is a great time to meditate. Also, after you eat dinner your brain starts too calm down so generally that means you’re brain sends calm vibes to the rest of your body which make you act calm and that’s a great time to have a Meditation Session.

Sam J.
I’m not sure I’ve only tried to meditate in the morning, if I do it at night there’s a chance I’ll fall asleep. I like to lay down and meditate so my opinion is it should be a morning or afternoon practice but maybe if you under a lot of stress you can meditate when you feel the need, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Selmira F.
For it different during early morning and night. Early morning meditation help me focus and control my mood during the day. Meditation before going to bed help me sleep and feel energize when wake up. There are walking meditation, laydown meditation, and standing meditation also. Find the one that suit your. Hope this help.

Aaron F.
Both in the morning and in the evenings arw good!

The first one: you have clear thoughts, you are less overwhelmed so you can go deeper insider yourself, mind and soul.
In the evening is good because you releaae all the stress you carry throughout the day, you can relax and have better sleep experience.

It really depends on you and your daily activities. I try both

Cherly Y.
Morning is my best time most days. I really like Kundalini yoga paired with meditation – it's so energizing!

My second best time is when I have a restless night's sleep & I meditate to calm my worries & focus in a positive direction.

Logan Y.
I try make my mind as there is no thoughts so it's very relaxing ,all the time, even while driving,blank thought less mind,so soothing.its in initial phase, let's see how it goes

Bj Rn F.
May be a few times per day is the good option. Morning to wake up and fine tune your thoughts; during the day to calm down and at evening for digesting information received

Sophie Z.
In the morning after my shower. I dedicate 10 or 15mins. If you can’t do that do 5 mins. Or do it a work in the toilet 🙂 Totally sets me up for the day. Feel less stressed and I can deal with things more clearly! Do it!

Noham Z.
In the evening after work…I get to reflect and think about all the choices and decisions I made and if I followed the best route …after work before I sleep is when I can have all the time I need without being disturbed and the meditation helps me with sleep so much…z
Then am also able to think of what I needed throughout the day and plan on how I could have it the next day…and by this I've improved tromendously on my memory

Simon A.
In the morning, the time before I start my day is the most helpful for me. After meditating I can start my day with clean mind and it feel really fresh

Dianne S.
I mediate twice a day first thing in the morning to settle myself & get ready for the day & last thing at night so I can reflex on the day I had.

Hermenegildo S.
I find it best to meditate in the afternoon at lunch time. It helps break up the day and let’s me refocus on the afternoon, which is not my normal “high energy” time.