Does anyone else get a sort of low but constant buzzing angry energy when they start ramping up their meditation practice?? How do you deal with this, if so?

Uamdao A.
The angry energy is normal whether in focus or mindfulness meditation, just acknowledge it and continue either focusing or observing it depending on what meditation technique you do. If you notice, that buzzing angry feeling is the same with the feeling of annoyance/ frustration you feel in the beginning of doing something new or starting a new habit, particularly if it's something you don't like/enjoy but do because you know it's good for you. Keep doing it. Once the brain is rewired, it will become a habit. Your tolerance will increase.
Taher T.
Yes, it does in the beginning.
The more you try to resist it, by trying to vacate it from your mind, the stronger it gets.
All you need to do is just acknowledge its presence, and get back to your presence. It will eventually go away