What should I focus on during meditation ?

Carol U.
Really, it’s getting harder for me to answer, when I meditate I focus on just breathing and I allow my mind to help everything in me relax. My breathing helps me settle on nothing to think about and guess what, I’m happiest when my mind is not racing with all sorts of dreadful thoughts and the focus on my breathing gives me a clear mind. Try it you will like it.
Germano F.
From my experience you should focus more on appreciating yourself during meditation this helps in encouraging you to do more and makes you feel better of yourself. It also helps you look at your future and see where you might wanna make some changes for improvement
A B.
Pick one thing. Most people focus on the breath. Feel the in and out of it. Or maybe the feeling of your hands resting on your legs. Once you decide what it is try to hold your attention to that spot. Keep in mind your not going to be focus on that all the time thoughts will come into your head. When you notice that be kind to yourself and just come back to your home base.