How do you not feel guilty about taking time to meditate?

Cathy S.
Well I stop what I’m doing and meditate just for a few minutes. And call it done. Nobody even knows you’re doing it. Because all you are doing is concentrating on the breathing for a few minutes.
Tilde C.
"Meditation is a moment for us to let everything go. A way that take us into our real home : inner peace".

-Ajahn brahm-

Maybe u should read his book. He is a monk.

In my country, his book titled as superpower mindfullness. Maybe in your country will titled differently. This book is a guidance for practicing meditation. Easy to read.

U will get so much answer there.

Magali N.
Meditating, actually, isn’t just for you. It’s a very isolating task, so I can see how it might feel selfish to take time out of the day to do something fully for yourself. However, the gift of meditation is that a huge part of its purpose is to help bring more value and substance to your life and relationships. In some meditations, you are meant to think of who this mediation session is for (aka who in your life this could benefit by you doing it). This could help to reduce your feelings of guilt, but remember that your growth benefits not just you but those in your life as well. And that is far from selfish.
Iracema S.
Taking time to meditate is taking time for building you inside out. Is taking time to be a better person. Not only for you, but for others as well. You can't feel bad about that. Ten minutes taken by meditation are one hour of your best self given to the world.
Gui Z.
Meditation is all about acknowledging what you feel and think. So you do not need to not feel guilty if you miss your session, instead acknowledge the feelings and sensations and think about what made you fail in order not to miss meditating next time.
Tristan W.
I dont quite understand this question…sorry. You should never feel guilty if something is beneficial for your mental health
Isabelita Y.
Meditation helps provide a peaceful spirit, emotional regulation, anxiety reduction which one can theorize contributes to a healthier cardiovascular system, respiratory system and central and anatomical nervous and parasympathetic nervous system. Research shows areal collective crime reduction and potential for a more peaceful existence among mankind. Meditation provides so much positive for not only ourselves but those in the energy field that surrounds us. Guilt for meditating is deceptive as meditation adds good and I’m not aware of anything it takes away.
Jadir N.
You shouldn’t feel guilty for needed to take time to relax from your day or the last week. You need to focus on you first then go do the rest of the day or the week. Taking a small amount of time like 20 minutes for yourself I great
Tilde C.
Because I know exactly its effect.
Meditation is a wonderful way to become quiet, reasonable and not being anxious or easily nervous.
I‘ve tried it many times and it never let me down 🙂
Alex A.
I feel guilty for not meditating! I do struggle getting through it because I can’t stop thinking about what needs to be done. The only thing I can say is keep at it. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at blocking out the worries of the day.
Alexander U.
Meditating is a pure state of mine. In Alpha and theta frequenty judgement does not exist and this create a habit for the unconstient mind.
Dora Z.
You need to realize that being productive is not just a function of time you spend working. It's depends on both efficiency and time. Meditation can improve your efficiency drastically. Not sure on how long it'll take for you to reach that point but I assure you there's no alternative. Even 10 mins can improve your productivity. So, meditation is actually one of the most effective uses of time. Not to mention the peace of mind it gives you is alone worth the time. I am extremely busy, there is rarely a time when I'm not doing something productive. The only reason I'm able to keep that up is because I meditate. That too at least 3 times a day, combining to over an hour everyday. And I know the main contribution to my productivity is meditation because I have witnessed the change myself. For me the difference is so contrasting that I cannot go back. It's like eating food for me now. Probably more useful than food.
Ruben P.
Meditation is a timeout that grounds me, and makes me a lot more relaxed. The way I see it, it’s just as good for my family and colleagues as it is for me. The calmness it brings me I then bring to others even in stressful situations at home or at work. I’m much better equipped to take a step back and view a situation from above. It’s a win-win for everyone.
Judd U.
Taking 10-15 minutes to meditate is just as important as exercising or eating well or getting enough rest. I don’t feel guilty about those things. With meditation, it’s such a small amount of time I can do it before my family wakes up or after they go to sleep. Or I can include them to demonstrate healthy habits. Don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself.