How do you motivate yourself to meditate when it just feels boring. Once I start I’m Always glad I did but getting over the hump to start is often hard.

Nick Y.
Simply put, I just do it. I don't even think. I go from doing yoga to meditating and I don't hesitate. I don't think about dreading it. I just keep following my process. As far as in the moment of sitting down and meditating, I use the waking up app for guided meditations. Without that to start, I would have never followed through. You need guidance to start for a few months, understand what it is you are trying to grasp. Once you understand, it is easier to follow through with your process day in, day out.
A J.
I think it’s when I acknowledge that it nought be the only few minutes of calm I get all day and will also be a ripple affect of positivity throughout my day.