Where can I find all sorts of meditation recordings besides this app?

Martha T.
there are plenty of meditation recordings in youtube or you can find it in a playstore where you type it and list of the meditation recordings will appear and you can download it as you like.
Lois P.
I am a beginner at meditating but I’ve found that the app Balance is very helpful with many types of specific meditations you might be looking for.
Atan Sio Z.
The Balance app is currently free for a year! I, also, use the Alo Moves app and while the majority is for yoga; there are some really good guided meditations, too. Maybe YouTube? During this time, there appears to be lots of resources online. Good luck and keep on being Fabulous!
Reimer R.
Sanvello is free during the crisis. Also there’s a fair few in Amazon Prime if you are willing to go through them to find the better ones. YouTube too, but it takes some time to find the ones that suit you. Good luck.
Peighton J.
An app that I’ve been loving and using for quite some time is Headspace! They have tons of guided meditations and even have beginners courses that can help get you started. They also have meditations for sleep which are super beneficial as well!
Kevin Z.
On youtube there are all sorts of videos of meditation recordings. Search especially the ones with some sound effects, like sea waves or wind chimes