Is it necessary to have sound when meditating?

Adam Z.
Some of Fabulous meditations are fine to me even though there is a voice, 'cos I am a neewby to this, and might as well forget where am I and sleep if there are not any sounds at all)) But generally I prefer the sounds of bells' more than voice so at least the Start and the End sound should be sounding aloud, it is a must for me for now. Have fun with it and good luck!
Jeanette T.
I do feel better over a guided meditation, but hearing sounds like nature or so kinds distract me. I love rain sounds though. So no, it's not necessary, just focus on you breath.
Mathias C.
Not at all! Sound just helps many people stay present and focused, as does being guided by voice. But it's not for everyone.
Alexsandra O.
No, I believe that you can meditate in silence as well as sound. Personally, I find it easier to meditate with sound, because it gives me something to focus on. However, this can differ from person to person. Some of my best meditation experiences have been without any sound. Just listening to the noises around you can really ground you.
Bertram P.
No. Sounds or noises are not necessary. Some like to have a sound or noise such as a bell repeated regularly or another type of noise to remind them to focus on breathing or on a spot to keep staring at. The main purpose of mediatation is tp put the heart to sleep as the stressing thoughts are ignored. In doing so, other ideas can flourish, problem solving often is enlightened during proper mediations.