How long do you spend on meditation? Do you adjust the length or time of day?

Jana S.
I try it usually at night, around 20 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes I don't get to disconnect and I get frustrated. I try.
Bella I.
No specific length of time – not less than 30 min and not longer than 45 min – and not exactly the same time – but always in the mornings
Clifford B.
Well I usually spend around 5 minutes depending on what I am meditating on. I adjust the length and time, I do it just before I go to sleep.
L N.
I meditate for a max of 10 minutes twice a day if I can fit in the second one. I like to clear the way in the morning and the evenings to stay in the vortex and tuned in.
Marian F.
Yes, I do adjust length and time of the day. And also the type of meditation. For example when I am very tired I often focus on my breath so I don't fall asleep. Or when I have too many thoughts I can repeat some mantra. And when I can focus easily I let go of any thoughts and sensations and I "focus" on emptying my mind.
Giselle Z.
It depends on the day and how I feel, as well. In a regular day, I usually meditate around 5-10 minutes, 2x day.

On weekends or on the days I fell more stressed (or moody), I go for meditation as long as my heart asks for it. Some guided meditations can be very supportive on sadness and anxiety seasons, so breathing and “pausing” for 30 minutes can be extremely helpful!

Noah T.
I try to do at least 10 to 15 minutes, depending on my schedule. Sometimes on my way home from work I park my car and just sit. No radio, no cell phone. Just concentrate on breathing.
Amber Z.
I prefer to meditate for an hour, but when this is not possible I meditate for 10 minutes at a time. However I also do mini-meditations/ grounding breaths frequently throughout the day.
Araceli N.
It depends on my schedule and general mood that day. On worse days sometimes more meditation is necessary to help ground myself and bring myself back to living in the moment
Cam V.
Yes my meditation time varies depending on what kind I am doing, and how much time I have. From 5 minutes for some breathing mindfulness to an hour for a shamanic journey.