Is it beneficial to meditate lying down, or do I need to be sitting? Due to a disability I have very poor circulation and I find that sitting still always leads to having a limb or two fall asleep.

Ceres S.
The best meditation is the one you'll do. I now meditate sitting, but for a long time I meditated laying on a yoga mat with my head and knees supported. Ideally, meditation is a time to reconnect with your zest, not agonize and torture yourself. Wishing you good luck as you find a modality and position that works for you!
Chloe J.
In my opinion whatever makes your body feels good and positive. Posture is important indeed, but so does the state of mind. If you don’t feel at ease and uncomfortable about the position, it would be a challenge to focus and continue with the meditation. Hope it helps!
Ellen Y.
I mediate lying in bed at the end of the day to relax or in the morning to motivate. It's the first or last thing of my day.
Brandy A.
I’ve found that it doesn’t really matter! I meditate lying down in the morning, which allows me to slowly wake up. As long as you’re present in your body, you can meditate. It isn’t so much about the posture as it is about the practice. Sitting is recommended just so you stay alert, but if you can lie down, then do so!
Lic Nio Q.
I lay down when I can fall asleep for example after my whole day routine. Doing it for too long isn't good for anyone. I've heard that the best position is sitting for us and our bodies for mediation.
Victoria W.
You can totally meditate lying down! I don't, because I find it too easy to fall asleep, but I usually sit with pillows propping me up to ease the strain on my back and shoulders. You could also consider propping yourself up in a comfortable half-sitting position; having your head mostly upright makes it easier to breathe while you relax your jaw and mouth.
Terry Z.
The only good way to meditate is to meditate. Sitting up, lying down…these are trivial details, compared to the importance of just doing it.
Mathilde E.
Meditation is a moment for you to relax and be present. If the best way for you to relax is to lie down, then that should be the way that you meditate.
Don’t forget that when you meditate you are trying to listen to your mind and body, so don’t be too hard on you if you are doing it different from someone else. You have to care for yourself.
Aleksej F.
Luckily you can meditate in any comfortable position, and the more comfortable you are the better able you are to concentrate!
Allan W.
I meditate lying down all the time. My arthritis affect a my shoulders so it’s difficult to try to sit up straight for prolonged periods of time. Even if I do sit, I pick a spot where I can lean against something.
Jonathan C.
Whatever position is comfortable for you to relax and focus. Sometimes I sit up . In the morning or especially at night I lay on my back. Also, you don’t have to stay still. You can move around to readjust. The important thing to remember is that meditation is your time to relax so whether you’re sitting or laying down, just relax. Also, if you’re more comfortable keeping your eyes open rather than closed. Hope this helps.
Jeff L.
Whatever posture is comfortable for you is the best posture for meditation. Please make yourself comfortable and that’s key to the meditation.
Lisa N.
It doesn't matter whether you are lying or sitting. The act of mindfully meditatating on what happens to you is much more important. So don't worry and just do the meditation even for small periods of time.
Theodore U.
It's definitely beneficial to meditate lying down, and more importantly, it's beneficial to meditate in a way that is comfortable for and kind to your body. Listen to your body.
S L Ne Y.
Laying down is fine, as long as the back is straight and comfortably erect.
However you can spend 60 secs
Sitting up with your face turned up spine comfortably erect and breath deeply (big inhale/big exhale) this way you get this prana(life force energy/ circulation) in a most beneficial posture for the body.
Kaizen in Japan is doing a new task (even a difficult one) for 60 seconds to train and adapt the body to learn or produce something new. It also has been said if you earnestly and honestly meditate for 60secs the benefit is far greater than ( vs ) forcing one's self to uncomfortably go longer I hope this helps, happy meditation!
L Rke P.
You can do whatever helps you relax! If lying down is more comfortable for you, then go for it! Meditation is a lot about finding a moment of reflection, so it your body position doesn’t really matter.
William U.
Meditate as comfortable as you can, or your body lets you. I have fibromyalgia and I cannot meditate sitting down due to back pains, so I meditate lying down and it is wonderful; it works for me just fine. Give it a try; you will love it!
Leroy P.
It says sitting is always goo as our body will be straight . I also prefer lying down as it gives rest for my neck & shoulders.. while lying Down bend your knees, that can also keep our body straight .
Sophia S.
When I was recovering from surgery I meditated in bed, in a reclining position. I found that if I laid down entirely, my brain seemed to associate the act with sleeping and I became tired. By reclining, I was able to meditate pretty close to normally without hampering my recovery. Good luck!
Dawn G.
In my experience you can both lie down or sit up to do your meditation. I often meditate lying down, but find it hard not to fall asleep. Especially during my late Night meditation. However lying down I can relax more deeply then sitting up. To prevent sleeping limbs while sitting I make a Point of being totally comfortable before storting my meditation. You also might sit on a chair if that works for you. Try out whatever is comfortable and works for you. There is no wrong or wright. Happy meditation!
Magnus U.
It’s beneficial to sit so you have a sense of being present and awake, and lying down can make you sleepy, and not as focused.

But I understand you. Perhaps you could sit on a chair? Use as much support as you’d like, pillows, whatever makes you comfortable. And then move your limbs if you want to, when you meditate. You don’t have to sit completely still.

Alternatively, I would recommend you trying out yin yoga – it’s a very meditative form, with long (3-8 minutes stretches) lying down, which could be perfect for your circulation and meditation.

I have done yin yoga for a couple of years now, and it’s one my most enjoyable yoga forms.

You can find yin yoga practices online and do it at home.

But try to sit on a chair, or in the floor, and make itself comfortable for yourself, and move if you need to.

And be patient with yourself ❤️

April Z.
Personally I prefer to sit but that's only because I fall asleep if I lie down. If falling asleep isnt an issue for you then I would lie down however if you want to make an effort to sit, try different positions and different surfaces. You might find thay the bed might be better for sitting as it is soft and might not stop circulation as much or you might find the opposite, that sitting on the floor is better. Try sitting on a chair or sofa – this at least wont trap your legs like sitting cross legged does. I hope this helps.
Eva E.
I’m not sure what an expert would say, but I personally think that you should make yourself comfortable. If that means lying down, then lie down.

If you really want to be sitting, maybe some big, soft cushions/pillows, or firm springy ones might help – you could even try sitting up or partially reclining in bed?

At the end of the day, whatever position allows you to focus on your breath without worrying about how comfortable you are is a good (and perfectly acceptable!) choice.

Hope that helps 🙂

Araci C.
While sitting is a better position to be in to meditate, you are still able to do it while lying down. Sitting allows you to be grounded to the earth and more centered. Lying down also increases the risk of falling asleep so you do need to be careful if that is not your intention.
Ernst Otto F.
No, you dont need to. Its how you find it the most comfort for yourself. Meditating is about relaxation and finding the time to connect with yourself. What works for you, doesnt have to work for anybody else
Avelino S.
Lying down because I tend to get stressed and tense due to having to sit all day while I do work. I meditate when I get up and I feel most relaxed lying down. When I do meditations throughout the day I am in a sitting position. Mainly because I’m trying to relax or refocus.
Signe B.
It doesn’t matter the position your in as long as you can fully relax. In fact it’s better that your in as minimal physical pain as possible. So you can focus on meditating. So relax and do what feels best for your body and mind.