How meditating helps you in an immediate manner?

Cl Mentine T.
Meditation allows you to focus on the self, to calm the mind, reduce anxiety and to become aware of the mind and the way in which we allow thoughts to overrun us.

Bernard F.
Meditating shows its greatest benefits over a long period of time, but it can be used as an immediate tool as well. It's kind of like exercising, most big changes you see over time, but you can also feel the effect a few push-ups have on you. Meditating can soothe your mind, help you refocus from your daily noise to find a sense of ease, it can help falling asleep this way. I heard it can also be used to focus your thinking on something specific, so you can think it through, though I haven't tried it yet. What I find the most useful however, is the change of mindset it can make you experience, how it can immediately change how you see everything just by reminding you to stand still and watch a bit. Hope this helps, good luck and have a great day!

Julio C.
Meditating, if done consistently is a great practice. Not only does it help you calm down but it also helps you focus, be in the present, focus of on your breathe (which is important to live), and helps you center yourself. At the least once in a day isgreat practice, but it helps to do more than once in a day.

William Y.
It grounds you and connects you to yourself and what is most important without all the noise of distraction of internal and external chaos.

Socorro C.
I have tried continuously meditating once before but then I stopped and haven't done so for a while since this app. After I continued to meditate for a few times, I've seen some positive effects that it seemed to have caused. I started to see a bit more changes and benefits of meditating in a way that I don't feel as if things are as stressful as they were before. It's as if I have entered the gate towards relaxation and even self realization to which meditation is the key. I haven't been meditating for that long yet, but I believe in these benefits and I trust that I would see more positive effects in the future.

Ma L Z.
I love starting my day with meditation.
Immediate feelings are calm, clear, appreciation and best of all, focused. It helps me start my day right, with focus. I get similar feelings with yoga and breathing.

Nanna C.
In the first few seconds, meditation helps flood my body and mind with oxygen, which instantly gives me a feeling if entering a special place where daily troubles are left behind. As I settle into it, I realize the things I needed to meditate about are less important than I had felt moments before. I realize they are less important than meditation. Afterwards, I feel renewed and better able to focus. It stops me from spiraling and having repeat thoughts. And it helps me move forward with the rest of my day, more calm, peaceful, confident, and motivated. It changes my negative thought habits into positive or neutral thoughts.

Achim U.
Meditation doesn’t help me much immediately. Sometimes I feel more calm but often I don’t feel any different in the moment. What meditation does for me is create a noticeably more calm, less easily agitated mood all the time. When I’m meditating regularly I’m less anxious, more energetic, and less susceptible to automatic thoughts and negative spirals.

Andy C.
Weell, meditation calms me and helps me relax. It’s a great way to just relax and to have a good energy. It even helps you to sleep. It’s a great way to feel the sensation of great and happiness.

Storm P.
I sleep better. I feel more rested in the morning. My sleep is uninterrupted and deeper. I wake up feeling more energised and geared for the day. Everybody should be meditating……