How do you cope with automatic negative thoughts and distorted self-perception? What strategies do you use?

Colin O.
I was taught by my psychologist to treat my thoughts as leaves on a stream. Acknowledge them with an attitude of curiosity, because denying them just makes them stronger, and then let them float away. Whenever you get hooked by a particularly negative thought or feeling, acknowledge that and then be compassionate to yourself. Let those thoughts float downstream as soon as you realize you have been hooked. Remember that this happens to everyone, even to the most skilled practitioners of meditation. Be kind to yourself, I know you can make it through ❤
Louisa E.
Negative thoughts tend to take the toll, but I know they’re just thoughts and I am not my thoughts.
Gabrielle T.
I've started carrying around a tiny journal where every time I need a reset, I write myself a little love note. I basically talk to myself like someone might talk to their puppy, lovingly dismissing the negative thoughts. ("ooohh, sweetie, are you having a hard time? whatcha doin?! you sweet girl, you don't need to be sad about that! silly girl, what are you gonna
go do to cheer up, huh?") Maybe a little patronizing-seeming to an outsider, but the gentleness from the self love soothes me
Ava Y.
Depends on my state of mind. The most effective is the 5, 7 , 8 breath breath in for 5 hold for 7 breathe out for 8 and repeat 3 times.
Another method if able to catch myself is either to mentally ask or better still write the question is this the truth then whether your conscious mind believes it write capital letter NO and the write a positive statement the opposite to your problem thought and say it aloud if u can!
Queija Z.
Try to sort through my thoughts and clear my mind. Meditation and music are huge helpers as long as I can create that space within my mind. I always feel so much better after being productive, prayer, and planner
Kenneth J.
Usually they involve my body. So I remind myself that it's not in my control, therefore all this worrying is not just fruitless but detrimental towards my mental health. I try and reorient myself on to the things that I'm good at and the things that I can control. Sometimes if it's just anxiety about doing something, I just suck it up and do it. Once I force myself into that moment it's kinda hard to stop me from quiting. It works for me.
Freja Z.
I breathe. In short a small session of active breathing with full awareness.