What do you do when you just can’t focus or let go of rampaging thoughts?

Thiago U.
I haven't found the answer for that. I do lash out with words, which isn't good. Contemplating seeing a therapist with my husband to get tools we both need. On focus it's always been I don't really complete a task unless company is coming over, which is a timing rushed job.
Mar Lia Q.
Usually, I would listen to calming music as I focus on the task at hand – this makes me do the thing I enjoy the most too.
Terrance Z.
I take deep breaths. Stand up and move. This helps to initially calm my mind for me to objectively approach my thoughts and memories of anxiety, embarrassment , anger, etc. By thinking about them in a more objective way, it helps to reform that thought or memory into something that isn’t something to be anxious, embarrassed, angry, etc. about. Then that’s one less thing that can stop me from thinking positive and being motivated to reach my goals.