What is the best breathing method to use while meditating?

Dinor A.
Start out with 5-6 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Be intentional about it and think about it as you do it. After those deep breaths, breathe normally but be present and focus on your breathing. Think about your stomach rising as you breathe in and how it falls as you breathe out. Also think of relaxing any tension in your body by breathing in (insert a positive word such as love) and breathing out (a negative word such as confusion). Hope this helps!
Cecil O.
I guess it depends on what the purpose of the meditation is or the type. Breathing varies for instance with chakra healing.
Larry N.
Letting your abdomen rise and fall with each breath instead of the chest. Putting your hand over the abdomen to feel it rising and falling helps as well
Becky A.
If I am only doing a quick medication then simple balanced deep breaths in and out whilst counting to 5 is ok. If I want to deepen the breath and relax more while remaining focused I breath in for 4 and out for 8. I then extend it to 5 and 10.
Gregory N.
I always breathe in through the nose for 5 counts, hold for 3, and breathe out through my mouth for 5 counts, then hold for 3 and repeat
Isaiah A.
I would say that is individual and depends on the state you ate in, as you enter meditation. But breathe through your nose and with your belly.

V Lter S.
I like to use a yoga breathing technique. Form an oh with your mouth when you breathe in and form an aw when you breathe out
Gundi U.
Just break through your nose and try not thinking about how to breath. Just a normal deep breathing is good.
If you can feel the breath going all through the pipe down to your abdomin, nothing like it. Try mindfulness app by Catherine Polan Osteich.
Hazel S.
Hi thank you for the question, it’s really interesting you ask but the method that’s use while meditating is counting all my inhales in tens and starting back to one when I reach number ten, that way i keep my mind away from wondering away from my task at hand which is to focus and stay in my presence. It is difficult but it helps.
Diane W.
Breathe in and think, “thank you for…,” then as you breathe out, think, for example, “my loving relatives,” or, “the beautiful, refreshing sunrise.”
Lutz U.
I like deep breaths at first that eventually shorten until I'm not paying attention to my breathing and just floating in my mind.