What’s your favourite meditation?

Willard P.
Sleep meditation with body scanning and focussing on breathing.
The gateway to presence meditation has really made me a calmer person
Raymond Z.
It's not traditional meditation but I love walking. It's soft and gentle on my joints and it's easy to be present with my breath this way.
Emily S.
I have ADHD so meditation can be difficult. Right now I'm working through the "Basics" course on the Headspace app. So far it's been the only meditation practice that I've ever been able to stick to without any frustration.
Nivalda Z.
I use Headspace! I have meditated on and off since I was a child and found that Headspace is a great way to learn the basics and take it easy and at your own flow. I also recommend listening to binaural beats or rainforest sounds, so serene and helps you really find that mindfulness!