What is an ideal duration for meditating? What time of the day/night? Does it matters?

Amalie W.
I think meditation in the morning is good for when you want to have a good start of your day, but if you want to wind down for bed, maybe try at night. You can also do both of course. I suggest you maybe try and play around with it for a little bit, see what gives you the best feeling and what makes you the happiest. Good luck!!
Katherine C.
Well the most important thing is that you keep meditating so how long and when should be secondary. Just chose a time that you feel you can stay consistent every day.

Having said that, from personal experience I'd say 20 minutes early in the morning is best. I know people who meditate for an hour every day though so there really isn't an upper limit to meditation. But always remember to start small and work your way up.

I hope this helps 🙂

Khushi C.
Some people say to do in morning and some in night but I prefer to do at whatever time like I do in morning coz I dont have time at night…
Emma Z.
I find meditating before bed the best it helps me relax and wind down ready to sleep but some people like to meditate in the morning it gets them ready for the day. Choose the best time for you, you could try a few different times to see what works best.
Heather O.
I don't think it matters… If you don't have time, a 3 minute meditation is better than skipping a day!
There are many meditation apps, and most have some free content, to help with guided meditation.
Once you get the hang of it, you can combine "going for a walk" and "meditation" by walking mindfully. Google it for ideas!