What time of day do you like to meditate and if you are religious how do you fit this in with other spiritual practices?

Jozef X.
I find that my midday meditation is the best. That’s when I really feel like I’m emptying my mind or not finding it difficult to resist distracting thought and the onslaught of memories. I thought early morning would be equally well but I find that my mind wants to wander around or think about the day’s activities in a more persistent manner. So although I stay meditating also in the mornings, my favorite meditation time is midday.
Sofie W.
I’m not religious, but I like to break down my meditation ritual into two 15 minute chunks. This is because it’s easier for me to stick to one 15 minute session instead of a 30 minute or one hour session no matter where I am. I do one chunk after I come home from work and one chunk before I go to bed in the evening.
Emilie Z.
On workdays when I have to be up and out super early I prefer meditating on evenings to allow myself to fully relax and not worry about time. On days off or holidays I prefere mediation in the morning to start the day on right note. I don't consider myself religious and meditation is a part of depression recovery for me.
Jerry Z.
I usually like to meditate early in the morning and later in the evening, about 15-20 minutes, however I’m trying to length my meditation time gradually. Then yoga for about 10 minutes before bed. As I’ve only recently become “spiritual” or interested in spirituality I haven’t fully integrated any practices in my personal life but I do spend about an hour a day studying these things.
Ian J.
I prefer to meditate in the morning because it makes me feel more calm and grounded throughout the day. I also find it hardest to meditate in the morning, because my mind is SUPER active, and I'm anxious to get started on my day. I am not religious, but I actually find mindfulness and self-love to be my own spirituality.
Jeff F.
I like to meditate in the morning as it sets my day up for success and also like to meditate at nighttime as it calms me down so I can sleep peacefully.
S L Na Z.
I like to meditate in the evening. As I am a working mom, morning is very tough for me. In the evening we do our prayer first and followed by meditation.
Cory T.
I personally enjoy a morning meditation, I usually do it before I do my physical exercise. Sometimes I do a meditation in the middle of the day too. It really depends of how my day is going. With practice, meditation becomes a tool you want to reach at anytime you feel the need for it. To become 'better at it' I suggest a daily practice in the morning.
Antoine Z.
I love to Meditate both in the morning and in the evening. I am religious person and besides meditation in Faboulos program I make my every day prayers. Mediation helped me to pray bether, be more present.
Ala De Q.
I like to meditate after I exercise, so it's literally the third thing I do, right after brushing my teeth and exercising. I'm not religious
Aline Y.
I am not religious but I could imagine maybe after mediating saying a few prayers after and work it in too your daily ritual. I like to meditate in the morning as it gets me refreshed and excited for my day. Although if your having trouble sleeping it might be best to meditate then. This is because I find it can really relax me and sometimes make me fall asleep
April O.
I always meditate in the morning as a way to clear my mind. Once I am done with meditating, I say my affirmations and prayers. I also like to do a shorter meditation in the afternoon as a way to recharge my body to take on the rest of the day. I find it to be quite powerful.
Jennie O.
Try a Centering Prayer. A form of meditation that keeps attention on the moment and connects to traditional Christian prayers.
Valentine A.
I prefer to meditate before going to bed. Before meditating, I write down all the things I found to be grateful on the day while reflcting the day, and then, I erase any micelinious thinking from my mind and focus on the breathing. While finishing it, my head and mind is really clean like a white paper.