What does a successful meditation feel like?

Karen Z.
I feel like I've given myself permission to zone out, from always being switched on…..it's hard to do but I hope with practice it'll become easier
Karl F.
It almost feels like you're asleep. There's a stillness and a quiet but your mind is gently floating from thought to thought. Barely touching it but enough to register .
Gabrielle U.
Meditation takes time. Please don't be discouraged if you're mind is busy or noisy. Inhale the breath and release the thought, don't try to force it. Once you can quiet the mind then meditation feels like 12 hours sleep in a few minutes. You feel refreshed and calm. I recommend breathing in and out through the nose to keep the energy inside your body to swirl round all your chakras. Enjoy x
Pauline T.
You are more connected to yourself so that you’re more open to others. You feel peaceful but energetic. It’s like a light has been turned on in your room but without the mental being agitated. You feel the space and potential inside you.
Kajeen J.
It feels black which there are no thoughts, worries, or any kind of emotions, feelings, and thoughts it's just you cennected to the universe
Sherri T.
For me, a successful meditation feels like I have escaped the world for a few minutes each day. I am completely lost within myself, focused entirely on my breathing & every muscle relaxing in my body. My cats purring has also become a regular help for my meditation as she likes to sit with me while I'm relaxing 🐾
Tha S Y.
A successful meditation is a meditation that leaves you calm and energized rather than tired and frustrated. A successful meditation doesn’t try to suppress thoughts and block out sounds but accepts them and let’s them pass. A successful meditation should be done using active breathing skills. However, successful meditation should also be how you want it to be. If you have a mantra, say the mantra. If you have a goal in life, focus on the goal. Consider your purpose and goals of meditating. Even achieving the most basic steps of meditating is a success.
Emanuel U.
To me it's if u can hold the breath as long as the inhale and exhale twice as much as the both. One rule is 4/4/8 for deeper relaxation.