In meditation, is it better to get lost in your thoughts, or to sort through them methodically?

Wolf R Diger U.
It is better to sort out your thoughts in meditation. When you sort your thoughts, it is better fir your focus and concentration. It will be easier to do the things you have to do
Angelita O.
When you are meditating you don't have to be thinking, solving problems and etc, when some thought come to your mind you don't have to pay attention, just let it pass…
Apol Nio S.
I see meditation as a get away from life itself for the moment. We have so much going around during the day that we hardly think to stop. It's hard when there is not discipline. I was committed to succeed and I let so much other things bother me and I wasted time. So what good does it do to meditate and thank about it if what you are looking at is only at the good things in life not the bad. We often fail but its okay as long as we know what we did was wrong, accept it and change the attitude to get a different outcome.
R Damas S.
I think it's better to get lost in your thoughts it helps you to think and organise yourself better.
or something I prefer and love to do when I'm meditating is to play some ocean sounds and imagine myself walking through the beach, or im playing a forest chime and exploring the forest. You'll find most sounds in the meditation habit but I like to open YouTube and choose my pick. Honestly it helps a lot so go ahead and try it I hope you find it relaxing like I do 😉
Julian O.
For myself, I think it’s better to acknowledge every thought but also understanding that there are things that we can let go. I don’t want to drown in my thoughts and I don’t want to be very strict with them either. I think there is a good middle ground when meditating that can be beneficial.