How do you keep yourself focused on meditation?

Sonja N.
Meditation keeps me focus, centered and discipline. As you get older and wiser you realize you need those things to have a balance life Just like you need the Earth ,Wind , and Fire. Namaste
Michele X.
Before I start a meditation I pull out my to-do list and check off any items that I have completed and add items that need to be done. In the morning I also highlight my 3 most important tasks for the day. Now I am ready for meditation whether a guided meditation or a quiet meditation. As I meditate should I get distracted by a thought I flick it unto a mental check list which I go through after the meditation is complete, this way I know that I will immediately write down my list in a journal and add items to my to-do list after meditation. I know I can continue with my meditation knowing that I will deal with my fleeting thoughts afterwards. I usually fall asleep with my night meditation routine so that list doesn’t get written down but it usually comes back in the morning meditation routine. Hope that helps answer the question.
John E.
I don't think anyone tries to keep themselves focused on meditation, personally, I just sit, breath, and reflect on my day or week sometimes even just the month as a whole regardless if it's been good or bad. Sometimes I think about what I could improve on throughout the week and I come up with a plan to help me. You will feel completely different after meditating. Good luck with your journey, you're doing great!
Anne Z.
Usually, I keep count of my breathing. Let's say, I decide to breathe in for 3 counts and exhale in 6 counts. I keep paying attention to this cycle for a couple of times.
If I don't feel like doing that I imagine myself exploring a place. What are the colors? What do I see? What do I smell and feel in my body? If it is sunny, do I feel it's heat on my body?
Finally, I also focus on my body at the moment. Do I feel warm, cold? How does my shirt or pants feel on my skin? What parts of my body are touching the floor/the chair?
If I find myself distracted, I tell myself "I find rest within myself" or "let me rest my thoughts for a moment"
I hope this is helpful to you!
Mia F.
I try to relax completely but sometimes I randomly start thinking about things like how the day went or what I what I want to do the next day. I think it's okay to do this while meditating, but as soon as I notice I am starting to worry about things too much I try to focus on my breathing or bring my attention back to the sounds I play through my earphones. I try not too hard to think about nothing because that just makes it more difficult. I just let everything happen and am enjoying the relaxation I get out of it.