Mindfulness or meditation do you practice both and what benefits do each give?

Amanda S.
Both provide a sense of calmness and relaxation. Meditation provides me with focus. Mindfulness provides me with a sense of being one with the environment.
Elliot S.
I feel as though the both go hand-in-hand. When you you meditate, you are being mindful of what’s going on in that moment.
Herman Z.
I've started with streat up meditation and I'm pretty sure that mindfulness is a specific kind of meditation style. I use the app simple habit to meditate and there are a lot of useful explanations for this on YouTube
Loris E.
I'm just starting to practice and still figuring out the best way to do it. But the benefits are already showing. Less anxious and clear focus are few of many benefits
Soren Q.
I practice both. Mindfulness allows me to step back in the moment and not react (at least not as much and intensely as i used to), it gives me deeper appreciation for the day- it’s a moment by moment choice for mindset I want to cultivate. Meditation for me equals going to the gym. I take a period of time to strengthen my awareness and work out my ego.
Billie T.
I practice mindfulness always because it keeps me present and in touch with who I am as well as my surroundings. It help you to gage things and put them in the right perspective.

I love meditation when I finally force myself to do it. I resist it often like going to sleep. I want to relax my mind and dig deeper internally for my focus but it takes time and for some reason my thoughts always feel like I need to be DOING something physical instead of just laying there sleep or quietly meditating. It truly helps you gain focus and great results.

Darren J.
I believe meditation would be the word to use for me..or both. Meditation is a clearing of not just the mind. Mindfulness is a focus on awareness so that you are acknowledging feelings. I practice meditation. It is an incredible benefit to your mind and body.
Karla N.
I practice meditation daily , usually 20 minutes each morning as a part of my morning routine. I do not yet have a formal mindfulness habit.
Evan T.
I think of mindfulness as an ongoing way of being present in each moment. Through meditation, I strive to expand my consciousness, building a spiritual foundation, enhancing skills and manifesting what I want out of life.