How do you stop distractions from bothering you while you meditate?

Izzie U.
While meditation, I choose time just before I go to bed bcz at thime time all my work, meetings, phone calls have been finishd and so there will be no distraction…., Simple it it
Brenna P.
The meditation practice I follow says that the point of meditation is not to not be distracted, but to learn to just notice the distractions without reacting. It will take time and practice so don’t be hard on yourself! If you are feeling like it is challenging, I would suggest finding a guided program to teach you some strategies!
Bernice G.
Sometimes I try with guided meditations, so I use my earphones. But the thing that has been most useful is to meditate early in the morning, around 6 or 6:30, everything is so quiet! 🙂
Jimena N.
I don’t really stop distractions. In the guided meditation I do, the recording says “acknowledge the distractions, know that it is there, and then move on” and that is what I try to do. When I notice there is a thought I kind of say hi to the the thought, and then try to focus on my breathing. I guess it is not that I don’t get distracted, it’s that I try to concentrate again in what I am doing at the moment. Focusing on the breathing helps a lot, and also repeating a mantra or a positive thought.
Ladislaus J.
I like to put my hand on my heart so that I can feel my heartbeat, that way when my mind starts to wonder I just focus on my heart beat (how many beats are there? How fast is is going?)
Leandro Z.
Eu tento me concentrar no que eu estou fazendo… na respiração e em me acalmar. Tento deixar meu cel no modo “Não Perturbe”. E tudo é treino. Preciso treinar minha mente para fugir dos 1001 pensamentos que surgem.