What is your optimal time to meditate? Why?

Tatinee Q.
Just before bed. It helps me unwind from the day, as well as helps me reflect on it. Also, it's a great way to fall asleep if you are having trouble to do so!
Wil C.
I am getting into the habit of meditating at the halfway point of my morning run. So, if I'm running 2 miles, then I find a nice spot to sit and meditate after the first mile and before returning to my starting point.

What I've done that's been helpful – finding the right spot. I ran one mile from my home and explored a few blocks to discover a small quiet park/public garden; this is where I meditate when I do my shorter run.

I also found a place for when I do my longer run to the beach… This is a 4-mile roundtrip so I take a bit longer and enjoy the view after I meditate.

J Ssica R.
It depends, after wake up is great to start the day fresh, before bed time is good to free up your mind, but sometimes I even do it for 2 min when I'm at work very stressed out, it brings me back to reality, and frees up my mind.
Audrey M.
I like to meditate first thing in the morning to start my day in a positive way. I also end my day with gratitude and intentions for the next day. Only takes a few minutes…but well worth it!
Cecilia O.
I like the thought of meditating in the morning and on the weekends when the hustle of life is more relaxed I do so.
On weekdays I enjoy meditating in the evening, right when I get home from work to let go of the day and refocus my free time. If I don’t I tend to scroll on my phone mindlessly for hours so it’s a good reset for me.
Logan Y.
I like to meditate usually around the evening because it helps me relax and not being so tense from work. It eases my mind and helps me from being so fatigue. Before I meditate I drink tea or water because it helps the body flow with positive energy. I meditate twice, before work and after. Since I work at nights to early morning.
Shaun Ann O.
Bed time. Because sometimes it's easier to just lay down and use the same focus than feeling pressured to perform with traditional meditation practices. Plus there are rarely any distractions, kids needing something, or phone calls that can break your concentration. It's also a good time for me melt away the stress of the day. I also find meditation good just after the kids get to school or when I find myself alone.
Samantha S.
In the evening right before bed. The reason why is two fold. One I have the time. Two it slows my mind down, relaxes me and breaks the day off so I sleep easier and better.
Vannessa W.
I'd say 5 minutes into waking up in the morning. Usually it's the most quiet time of the day. I feel like my brain and feelings are still 'innocent', has not been tainted by other people or other emotions. The weather is usually good in the morning too. Its cooling and just feel so comfortable
Kristin P.
At the moment, it feels that I have two periods of time that I prefer to meditate. The first is in the afternoon at about 4p.m. It is like a reset after the 'afternoon slump'. The second is before I sleep. It helps to clear my mind.
Alfredo J.
The morning. I usually feel overwhelmed in the morning with everything I know I have to get done. So meditating in the morning helps me relax and be prepared for the day ahead. It helps me focus on the present and just take each task one at a time. If I'm feeling overwhelmed throughout the day, then I'll do a other quick meditation.