My mind is always jumping all over the place. Is there any thing I can do to get it under control and find peace and mindfulness while meditating?

Krin O.
Think about you happy place like what makes you happy and what brings you joy
Where do you feel the most calm is it on the beach or in you own home in your room.
Jaiden J.
adress your thoughts and try to focus and visualize putting the wandering thoughts literally disappearing behind the main meditation thought
Susie J.
I definitely relate. I thought I was incapable of meditating. It turns out that if I exercise before I meditate, it quiets my mind and I’m able to focus better. Another option is to meditate while walking, using a fidget spinner, staring at a lighted candle, or doodling.
Onat P.
My Interpretation would be that mind be jumpy due to the things one do other than meditation. If you want your mind to be less jumpy, you should work on other things and see what is making you this way!
Another thing: The point of meditation is to calm you down. You don't have to be calm while meditating but afterwards 😆. Just do your best and do not worry about the rest! I hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling time ☺️